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  Standard Penetration Test. SPT.

The standard penetration test consists of driving a standard cone 60 centimetres into the earth, counting the number of blows necessary to penetrate 15cm. This is carried out with a 63.5 kg hammer dropping from a height of 76cm. The sum of the blow readings of the two central sections of 15cm give the parameter Nspt. When the terrain is very resistent the test is halted when 50 blows have been reached for a depth of 15cm (Reject, R) and a note is made of the penetration carried out.
The parameter Nspt enables us to calculate the resistance to the dynamic cone penetration and it is correlated to the geomechanical parameters.


Determine the resistency profile of the terrain
Relative density & internal friction angle in granulated soils
Load bearing capacity for superficial and deep foundations
Calculation of sedimentation by empirical methods
Quality control for treatment of the terrain


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