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Scientific Publications

  • Doctor in Geological Sciences from the Department of Geodynamics and Geophysics of the University of Barcelona, December 1999. Doctoral Thesis entitled: " Drifting Snow: processes and effects on the snow cover".

  • Font D.; Mases M. & Vilaplana J.M. 1998a. Experimental mass flux measurements: a comparison of different gauges with theoretical estimated data. Annals of Glaciology (26) p.225-230.

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  • Mases M., Font, D.& Vilaplana J.M.1998. Relation between snowdrift development and drifted snow during a wind episode. Annals of Glaciology (26) p. 144-148.

  • Font D.; Furdada G. & Vilaplana J.M. 2000 (in press). Aeolian Susceptibility Maps: Methodology and applications. Annals of Glaciology (32).

  • Font D.; Sato T.; Kosugi K.; Sato A. & Vilaplana J.M. 2000 (in press). Mass flux measurements in a cold wind tunnel. Comparison of the mechanical traps with a Snow Particle Counter. Annals of Glaciology (32).


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