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Stability of talus/slopes

  The stability of existing or projected talus/slopes whether in rocky masses or in soil are investigated.

Some aspects of the investigation in rock talus are:

  1. Geological characterization
  2. Hidrogeology
  3. Structural characterization
    1. Task methodology
    2. Definition of the family of discontinuities
    3. Specifiied character of each family
    4. Possibilities of breaking:
I-General characteristics
II-Layer breaks
III-Wedge breaks
  1. Viable stabilisation of the talus/slope and/or protection of the buildingsat the foot of the slope under study.
  2. Preventative and corrective measures. Methods for containing and anchoring the slope.
  3. Proposals for solutions:
    1. bulonaje
    2. metal fencing
    3. netting backed with cables
    4. dynamic barrier
  4. Evaluation of the possible danger: maps of the risks




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