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Geonival Geologia Aplicada S.L Gran Via Pau Casals 210 Entresol C E-17480 Roses Tel: 972 253508 Fax: 972 253508Email:

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  Our services

Roses based applied geology company, Alt Empordà, specialised in Geotechnical Engineering, Land engineering, Environment and Avalanche Risk Prevention

Since the year 2000 GEONIVAL, Geologia aplicada s.l. has carried out numerous surveys:

  • geotechnical surveys (>700). Included in these surveys there are single-family homes, multi-family homes (up to 14P), factory premises, sports pavilions, municipal buildings (dispensaries), homes for the elderly, municipal swimming pools, etc
  • slope stability surveys with proposed solutions. These studies focus mainly on public works (roads) and on smaller constructions (houses);
  • studies for environmental and/or landscape impact;
  • hydrogeological studies with permeability tests, mainly for refuse tips, waste management authorities and general administrative authorities;
  • studies on the possible effects of avalanches of snow on proposed infrastructure (access roads in mountainous areas, ski resorts and mountain domains in general).

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