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Rotational bores with extraction of a continuous sample

The general principle consists of exerting pressure on the terrain and at the same time, a rotative action with a metal rod connected to a rotating chuck. The extraction of material is carried out by pumping water or other perforation fluid.
The depth reached depends on the diameter of the perforation, the rods and the bore and can reach 100m.
Depending on the type of terrain a different cone will be used: widia, consisting of wolfram carbide and used on soft rocks or diamonds used for harder terrain.
The majority of rotational work undertaken by our firm is carried out with the TP30 rotative bore belonging to another company to which Geonival, Geologia Aplicada s.l. belongs.

This bore enables us to obtain undamaged samples and also to carry out the Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
By examining the subsoil with the extraction of the continuous sample we obtain the stratigraphic column of the study zone

We also obtain the physiochemical and geomechanical parameters at the depth we want, centimetre by centimetre, which, together with geological knowledge of the zone enables us to establish precise conclusions.


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