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Surveys for environmental impact

The determination of the morphology of geological units and elements, and of their behaviour regarding water, transmission and permeability, is fundamental for hydrogeologically characterising a given zone.

In order to obtain this information a series of tests is carried out in the field and in the laboratory. The field work is planned around determining the geological and hydrogeological character of the zone under investigation and studying the problem of sealing or adapting the existing tip to conform to present regulations.


Among the objectives of these studies the following can be enumerated:

  • The evaluation of the possible affect of leached products generated by the interaction of solid urban residues with the neighbouring aquifers.

  • The study of the geotechnical characteristics of the terrain and the existing geological risks (flooding, seismic activity, etc.)

  • The setting-up of a plan to resolve and/or minimise negative impact and also measures for follow-up and control.

Surveys undertaken:

  • Local rubbish tip of Pedret i Marzŕ

  • Local rubbish tip of Solius

  • Local rubbish tip of Lloret

  • Local rubbish tip of Ripollès



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