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 Evaluation of the permeability of the sustratum

In geotechnical engineering the most utilised test in permeability is the Lugeon test.

Lugeon Test

It is a very ample procedure for estimating in depth the permeability index . Its application is very useful for evaluating the global permeability of a rocky mass, therefore it a method which is indicated for terrains which are not very permeable and cohesive. It consists of measuring the volume of water which can be injected into a borehole, length L, time T, and at a determined pressure H which must be maintained constant.

The length of section to be tested will be isolated by a plug, the actual bottom of the borehole acting as the inferior plug.

The permeability (transmissivity) obtained is expressed in Lugeon units (Lg) One Lugeon unit equals 1 litre per minute per metre, at a pressure of 10 kg/cm² - this is approximately the equivalent of 1× 10-7 m/s.




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