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  Laboratory tests

GEONIVAL, Geologia aplicada s.l carries out the necessary laboratory tests for each construction site (soil tests, rock and water tests) and works with laboratories acredited by the relevant authorities.

The tests to be carried out for each site will depend on the type of building planned, the type of ground, any antecedents and available local information. 

The principal laboratory tests can be classified according to the following types:

  1. Tests of conditions: density and humidity
  2. Identification and classification tests: granulometry (different types), liquid and plastic limits, expansivity tests in the Lambe apparatus and soil classification.
  3. Resistance tests: simple compression, direct cut and anular
  4. Deformability tests
  5. Permeability tests
  6. Chemical tests: PH, sulphates and chlorides
  7. Special tests: for expandable and collapsible soils, compactation


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